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Ready to Reconnect With Inner Peace, Personal Power and Revolutionise Your Life?

The Reconnection Method enables you to shift your thoughts, emotions and energy, realigning you internally so you can thrive externally in your career, relationships and lifestyle.

Do you want more Peace, Joy and Wholesome, Happy Life.

  • Stuck and disconnected

  • Something is missing from your life

  • Unable to make clear and confident decisions

  • Tired of feeling exhausted all the time

  • Held back by self-doubt and procrastination

  • Hungry for more depth and connection

  • Your work life is out of balance

  • Unseen, particularly at work, leading to unfulfillment and resentment

  • Your relationships, social life, health and self-care are suffering

  • Trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts and emotional patterns

  • Burnt out or close to burning out


You’re In safe hands


The Reconnection Method is for anyone who feel stuck, stressed, overwhelmed or underwhelmed by life, including those hungry for more depth and connection. This journey is not only a method to shift your mindset, but a rich, supportive journey of inner and outer alignment that works deeply on body, mind, spirit and lifestyle,


If you know you need to make some changes but don't know where to start, you're in the right place.

How Would It Feel To...

  • Thrive physically, mentally and emotionally?

  • Experience rich, harmonious relationships at home and at work?

  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance and an effortless daily routine?

  • Trust your thoughts, emotions and intuition?

  • Feel passionate about life, work and relationships again?

  • Respond to triggers and challenges with wisdom and composure?

  • Love and respect yourself fully?

  • Show up as your true, natural self in the world?


When we accept that life happens by us, not to us, we can live from a place of freedom, relaxation and trust. When we understand that things fall into place if we're at peace internally, we stop waiting for things to change on the outside. When we know how to access the deep, natural peace that already resides within us, we return home to who we really are, falling in love with ourselves and our lives.

All Of This Is 100% Possible For You!



Theatre Director

I feel emotionally resilient and genuinely happy. The course has changed my life.


Recruitment Director

“I’ve gone from burnout to breakthrough. My Life is different now, filled with possibility.”

GP Partner


"I feel valued for the work I'm doing, and for the first time, I feel inner peace."


A simple journey back home to your true, authentic self.


Your real home is yourself, not the house you live in.

 The Reconnection Method is a proven, step-by-step method, which we work through together over 8 weeks. There’s nothing to “get”, strive for or achieve here. Instead, we’ll focus on dissolving barriers which are stopping you from feeling safe, peaceful, abundant and fully energised.  


Although we’ll work deeply to get to the root of what’s really holding you back, there’ll also be lots of lightness, joy and happiness as you learn to let go of heavy thoughts and built-up emotions and reconnect to the wholeness and peace that naturally reside within.

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The Old Way To Manage Stress 

Practising yoga and meditation, going to the gym and making changes to your diet are all helpful ways to combat suffering temporarily. However, for most people, these methods only serve as short-term solutions, a plaster covering the wound. The underlying problems continue to bubble beneath the surface. 

The Old Way Can Lead To...
Doubt and Frustration

Trying All The Things But Finding No Long-Term Relief

You've tried various methods but when the same symptoms return you're left feeling disheartened and back at square one.

You Haven't Achieved The Transformation You Desire

You may have noticed waves of positive change in yourself or your life, yet you're still unfulfilled as you haven't experienced the deep shifts you really desire.

There Is a Simpler, More Direct Way



Inner Peace

Living from a centred, peaceful place, you navigate your way through life, and it’s potential challenges with ease and grace.


Improved Health

98% of participants experienced profound shifts in their overall wellbeing. Including greater energy, less tension, and more strength.


Enriched relationships

Enjoy happier, more harmonious and meaningful relationships in your personal and professional life.


And, I’m going to show you how


Hi, I'm Kayleigh



I see myself as a friend, teacher and guide on your journey of inner and outer transformation, creating deep, intimate spaces of trust where you’ll feel safe to explore the challenges you’re facing or whatever needs to come up. I’m attentive, full of care and my approach is informal, transparent, playful and fun.

Having travelled and studied widely over the last 10 years acquiring different methods of supporting body, mind and spirit, I’ve now distilled the most powerful tools from my own journey into a practical 8-week programme to guide and empower yours.


A RYT500 qualified yoga and meditation teacher, Sacred Dance instructor and Hawaiian LomiLomi bodywork therapist, I’ve taught in a variety of contexts – from yoga studios, ashrams and monasteries to NHS hospitals, schools, retreat and healing centres all over the world.

I live and breathe what I teach so I know these tools really work, and I love nothing more than helping people reconnect with who they truly are and find their way back home to their natural, most loving and peaceful selves.

And Now It's Your Turn!

Principal Engineer

I was sceptical of The RCM with not being a "spiritual" person. However, it's one of the best things I've ever done. 


"Life has become exciting again. The course has empowered me to take back control of my life."


"The outside environment far less provokes me; I may be in the midst of a storm and still be at peace within myself."

Feeling Disconnected, Stressed or Stuck? 

Life Doesn’t Have To Be a Struggle.


That means NO more...

• Being unable to move forward in your personal and professional life

• Sitting around waiting for good things to happen

• Waking up exhausted and unenthused about what the day has to bring

• Confusion about your purpose and motivation

• Feeling lost and lonely

Copy of Template Consistent Clients Signature Expert Methodology.png

So What Is The Reconnection Method?

The Reconnection Method is a one-to-one, eight-week programme that helps people reconnect back with the deep, natural peace that resides within.

Through weekly coaching sessions and an online client portal which further supports learning, integration and accountability, I will help you create epic, profound shifts in your mind, emotions and energy – transforming your sense of self and the world that you inhabit.

The Reconnection Method Gives You What You Need
To Reconnect Back With Deep Natural Peace

Even If You Think That Peace Is Not Available To You.

Peace is your intrinsic nature. Unfortunately, through conditioning, culture and limiting beliefs, our mind hijacks us into thinking that we are our thoughts – which are actually just a barrier clouding the gateway to our natural, peaceful, organic self. Our work together is to return to that place in the safest, most direct and compassionate way. 

Even If You Don't Feel Fit or Healthy Enough.

There is no prerequisite for physical health in this programme: all levels of fitness – and people of all ages, backgrounds and genders – are welcome. 

**Please note: this is not a yoga course, although you will get lifetime access to over 60 movement and yoga videos to enjoy in your free time.

Even If You Think You Have To Quit Your Job and Give Up Your Social Life 

You don't have to be a monk or meditate for hours to be peaceful – your natural state is already peaceful! This is our focus, instead of trying to ‘get’ to some far-away dream of enlightenment. I advocate a healthy lifestyle, but this doesn't mean abandoning your current one. Throughout our time together, you'll realise that you can live an active, dynamic life from a relaxed and peaceful place. 

Even If You Feel Like You've Failed Before.

I'm living proof of ambitiously trying everything worldwide for over a decade… from yoga and meditation gurus to health coaches, mystic healers and therapists. You name it, I've been there! So I know how it feels to be hopeless, deflated and miserable – and that’s why I only share tools and techniques that I know genuinely work.

Even If You're a Busy Professional.

What's more important, staying where you are now or investing 75 minutes a week to feel the best you’ve ever felt? During each of our one-to-one sessions, you’ll be invited to do a short daily practice as part of your routine to integrate the learning from our time together. 

Even If You Have Never Done Inner Work Before.

I ask everyone to join The Reconnection Method with a beginner's mind; sometimes, the more concepts, books and ideologies we’ve learned can actually limit our receptiveness. So whether you’re totally new to inner work or more experienced, this programme is for anyone who is serious about seeking peace and connection.

By the end of The Reconnection Method, you'll have what you need to live from a place of peace, clarity and joy. 

The Reconnection Method Outline
Below You Will Find Details On How The Reconnection Method Works:

The Three Steps You Will Take In The Reconnection Method:


Working With



Working With



Working With


The Reconnection Method is a one-to-one coaching programme that takes place online over the course of 8 weeks.

We meet once a week for 75 minutes using Zoom. You’ll also have access to an online portal containing structured follow-up training videos to support the integration of our live sessions together, as well as a weekly workbook unpacking the science behind each session and a number of other support systems mentioned below.


Intentional Living and Authentic Power 

It’s impossible to create lasting, empowered change without becoming self-aware first. Using techniques that are simple, accessible and playful, I’ll show you how to improve the quality of your mind, release negative patterns and positively influence your behaviour. Together, we’ll explore direct and powerful mindfulness practices which allow natural insight, clarity, wisdom and joy to arise. 

Self Awareness (based over two weeks)

Intentions act as blueprints for our lives, consciously or unconsciously shaping our reality. I can help you see what’s preventing you from living limitlessly and where you’re losing your power. I’ll show you practices to regulate your nervous system, slow your brain waves and bring you into a state of relaxed awareness, starting the journey of honouring yourself and moving towards where you really want to be.

Shifting Thoughts & Radical Self Acceptance 

There is no such thing as a neutral thought. Using the power of neuroplasticity, we’ll practice how to rewire our mind for healthy, skilful thinking and behaviour. We’ll also touch on the power of radical self-acceptance and how this is the gateway to infinite freedom.

Beliefs and Self Enquiry

Our biography is our biology. If left unrecognised, unconscious beliefs absorbed from our childhood, culture or environment can keep us living in a limited, sorrowful world rather than an expansive, joyful one. Through a deep process of self-enquiry, we’ll examine your current beliefs to see if they’re still true for you or whether it’s time to move beyond them. 

Emotional Processing and Letting Go

Having uncovered how your thoughts and beliefs are having an energetic impact on your body and your life, we’ll identify where you’re holding negative stories and sensations in your physiology that are born from your mind. As you learn to keep letting go, you’ll feel lighter, happier and liberated, with more space available to thrive.

Activating Your Energy

Now that you've created greater spaciousness and freedom in yourself, we'll go on a guided journey to explore your system's deeper, energetic layers, reconnecting with your natural energy. Observing what arises without judgement or shame, we'll unlock any lingering energetic blocks holding you back, increasing your vibrational frequency even more and allowing you to accelerate in life with intuition, flow, love and power.

Embodied Freedom

In our final week together, I’ll show you the most simple, distilled and direct methods to discover purity, presence and connect with deep, natural peace in each moment of your life so you can return to them whenever needed. We will close with a roadmap that aligns with your vision and desires moving forward.

For those who feel they need further support, after our closing review it is possible to continue working together beyond the initial 8 weeks.

While The Reconnection Method is designed to naturally improve mental well-being, it’s not a form of therapy or a replacement for medical treatment, and it may not be suitable for those with serious mental health conditions. If you’re unsure whether the programme is suitable for you, please contact me to arrange a call.

Plus, You’ll Feel Deeply Supported

I'll be with you every step of the way

Private Coaching

x8 75-Minute Personal Coaching Sessions With Me (via zoom)

Training videos

x8 Follow Up Training Videos in a Structured Order Which Supports the Integration of our Live Sessions Together (Lifetime Access)

Content library

Over 60 Movement, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation & Motivational Videos
(Lifetime Access)

In just 8 weeks,

you'll be on your way to reclaiming your life


There Are So Many Options Out There
What Makes The Reconnection Method Any Different?

The Reconnection Method Is Much More Than a Mindset Program

The RCM is  a unique method for internal realignment that encompasses far more than eliminating negative thoughts and beliefs. We also focus on the deeper layers of the mind, body and energetic system, which if not investigated, can keep us stuck in habitual patterns.

I've Been In Your Shoes.

In 2013 I was working as a busy corporate professional in the city. Burned out, overwhelmed and confused, I decided to take a sabbatical. I travelled to India to study yoga, meditation and Eastern wisdom. While practising, I had a spiritual awakening where I realised we are not our thoughts. Since then, I have dedicated my life to learning, practising and teaching the most potent tools from my personal 10-year journey, which I've now distilled into this powerful 8-week programme.

Client Results

All my clients have experienced profound, long-term shifts in their lives, with many reporting changes after our very first session. The key outcomes include better overall health and wellbeing, meaningful, rich relationships, a loving relationship with themselves, a healthier and happier work life and a newfound basis of peace and contentment.

I’m Deeply Passionate About The Results You Get

I’ll be by your side for every step on this journey of self-discovery. Seeing my clients experience awakening, touching deep natural peace and realising that IS their true self is what gives me the greatest joy. This is what bursts my heart open and it’s my purpose here on this planet.



"I feel light and free. Life certainly feels less hectic now despite it being busier than ever."

A Personal Note From Me

I believe you’re here to discover and unleash your infinite freedom, power, potency, creativity and authenticity. To discover the true potential of your being, your unique SELF.


While many of us get disillusioned and disconnected from this place of power, peace and wisdom throughout life, the opportunity is now here to RE – discover and RE – connect to your truth and actualise your potential.


Have you failed before or feel like you've tried everything and nothing has worked? I've been there too, and this is why I only share the most proven, direct and transformative tools that I use daily and have changed the lives of hundreds of others.


I love getting to the root of what's holding you back from being your highest, greatest, wisest, most epic self and plucking that out of your system so you're finally free to start living the life you dream of.


The Future Is Bright

Imagine Waking Up 6 Months From now...

Feeling energised, excited for your day and deeply at ease in your body.


You know what you want in life, and you know exactly how to achieve it.


You are confident in your own skin, you understand how to create and maintain a happy work-life balance and you are thriving physically, mentally and emotionally.


You feel empowered and passionate about your work, and your relationships are meaningful, rich and more loving than they ever have been before.


You understand that life happens by you, not to you. You feel truly alive and are excited by the future again.


This doesn’t need to be a fantasy, it can become your everyday reality and I’m going to show you how.

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