Sessions are tailored around mental, physical, and spiritual transformation.

I coach people of all shapes, ages and fitness levels, with goals ranging from a stronger leaner body, seeking support from addiction through to cultivating a deeper connection with the spiritual self.

Sessions can be tailored to achieve:

  • stress and trauma healing

  • muscular reinforcement, strength, toning and reshaping your body

  • effective injury management and how prevent reoccurring problems

  • greater freedom, mobility and expansion in your body.

  • make Yoga poses work for your body. Improve alignment and adjust with ease and grace. 

Coaching also includes nutrition, dietary and lifestyle recommendations which may assist in

supporting your growth.

How it works
Private coaching can be provided via Zoom, in studio, or in the comfort of your own home?

Contact me for more information.

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"From the first session, I connected deeply with Kayleigh's style both physically and spiritually. Physically, Kayleighs allows you to explore your own body, to become present in it, to accept it and to connect to every inch of it. They are a joy to be a part of.

Her teaching style allows me to get out of the mind and into the body.

Her wisdom, empathy, knowledge and experience make her an exceptional teacher and a credit to the ancient practice of yoga. I'm so grateful to have her sharing her practice with me."

Rachel Treacher

Social Worker



“I have been receiving weekly private yoga sessions with Kayleigh for the past 6 months, during which time my practice has progressed more than in the previous 18 months of attending group classes. An initial evaluation of my goals resulted in a tailored programme of varied sessions, which has also succeeded in widening my passion for both the spiritual and physical elements of the practice.

I have found the private sessions with Kayleigh to be the perfect counterbalance to our chaotic modern lives.”

Lee Houston




“Beginning one-to-one sessions with Kayleigh has been the kindest and most beneficial thing I have done for myself. In each session, Kayleigh’s life-coaching helps me to reflect on the week and focus on my goals; she then delivers a bespoke yoga routine that enhances my physical, spiritual and mental well-being. Kayleigh is an amazing teacher and her lessons leave me feeling energised, emotionally balanced and proud of my hard work in the practice.”

Jessica Mumford