So much more than yoga poses. We have fun exploring creative and playful movement along with simple, easy to understand breathwork techniques which help your teams to relieve stress, increase mindfulness and support mental health.

The benefits:

·       gives a mental and physical boost to kick off the day.

·       helps prepare for the after-lunch or after-dinner round of work

·       creates a sense of belonging and mutual well-being

·       great for fitness, toning and flexibility,

·       improves posture if you have a desk-job

Balearic music, summer vibes or tranquil soothing beats can be introduced upon request 


How it works

It’ really simple. All classes can be delivered online via Zoom or face to face.

One hour sessions range from £100- £160 depending on location, time and needs.

Contact me with your details to arrange a further discussion



"I was very new to yoga when I had my yoga class with Kayleigh and straightaway. I loved her enthusiasm and her ability to make each class unique. I am a doctor and I have found yoga my absolute saviour for maintaining positive (both physical and emotional) wellbeing during difficult times.It is hard to describe the positive impact her classes have had on me and I can’t fully put it into words but thank you

so much Kayleigh!"

Dr Kathryn Newton,

Rheumatology Unit,

Aintree University Hospital NHS Trust



"Kayleigh is a fantastically warm and welcoming yoga teacher, her sessions were a welcome oasis in our working day. As a mental health service i believe it is important that we have the opportunity to lead by example, and i would encourage any of our patients, families or staff to participate in developing this self care routine which promotes balance and good mental health, and this is exactly what Kayleigh offers, in a supportive and friendly environment. I most certainly recommend her classes."

Helen Middlehurt,
CAMHS Charity,

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services



Kayleigh has an amazing ability to read the class and know when to slow it down and when to push us a little bit. One day she told me to breath into some cramp before I had actually felt any cramp! Kayleigh also does a really nice job of blending mindfulness in with yoga, as well as varying the yoga flows that she brings.

Our classes with Kayleigh are still going strong since lockdown,  I have also encouraged my eleven year-old daughter, who is now a regular participant. 

I find that yoga works really well for me alongside weights, running and cycling. Our Tuesday sessions serve to reset my mind and body and are an anchor for me.

 Bill Bashford