Grey Limbo

From youth, I experienced mental and emotional trauma. 

Unhealed, it transferred into my body and created suffering,


In early adulthood I pushed through the pain,

working long hours for various large media companies in London.

About me

My purpose is to help you find personal power through movement, mindfulness and empowering conversation. 

You can achieve physical and emotional freedom

You can be happy in your body and mind, have happy, meaningful relationships and be completely free of stress and limiting beliefs.  

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Success, pressure and addiction, not attending to my body’s cry for help and ignoring the pain led me to burn out.


I had a breakdown in February 2014. Six months later I dropped everything and travelled East, landing in North India to study and practice Eastern Philosophy, Meditation and Yoga.


I became a qualified Yoga Teacher and from that moment on, I have dedicated my life to the practice.


Experimenting with the deeper truths and avenues of Yoga, well-being and holistic healing. 

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It took me to dark places, which then inspired me to embark on my own self-healing journey. I declined drugs, specialist treatments and surgery. Through deeper mindfulness training and being guided intuitively by my body's wisdom, I found the inner power to rewire my brain and recondition my body to fully heal.

I radically changed my diet, introduced movement and breathing practices and made lasting changes.

When we dive deep into our unconscious mind, we can bring our repressed pain and suffering to the surface and break free from it, to find personal healing and growth.


Over the past six years, I have continued to study Yoga, Mindfulness and Movement.

I have shared my knowledge of these practices in the East and my work has taken me to India, The Philippines and Thailand. 

Then in 2017, I experienced a severe back and hip injury which left me with chronic pain, limited mobility and specialist advice that “I would never be pain free”. I was forced to take a break from my life’s work. 

My teaching style incorporates embodied, creative movement with a mix of hatha,

vinyasa and stillness practices.

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My intention is to help you find deeper truth about who you really are, to step into your power and experience true joy and absolute freedom.

I would love to share more information on how I can help you go on your own profound and beautiful journey.